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Words are Flights of Fancy

April 6, 2011

Words are Flights of Fancy

Words are flights of fancy
    wafting through the sky,
    carried on the breeze,
    clouds of snow white slate
    on which a poet paints his dreams.

Words are woven in tapestries
    brilliant colors and hues
    threads entwined
    snaring dreams on the catchers of the mind. 

Words glistening
    captured on the spider webs of emotion
    against an early morning sun
    dew drops clinging,
    relief for a parched soul.

Words are beasts of burden
    saddled with a message
    thoughts secured in stirrups
    ridden through the deserts of wilderness
    that seek an oasis.

Words are folded and snipped by the poet
    within the papier-maché of a delicate doily
    a pattern of beauty
    lays flat against the table of life
    or suspended in air on the strings of a heart beat.

Words are mine, yet not —
    they are free agents of spirit
    transparent images —
    passageways without walls
    by way of which a warm translucent light shines.

Beacon to those who follow a dream.

Ray Brown

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