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Poetic License

April 8, 2011

Poetic License

My wife is concerned you may believe
what I have written. 

“A poet’s work is always autobiographical”, 

    she says. 

Spiritual uncertainty
Spontaneous insanity
Dark sides and black feelings
Constant references to suicide
Lost loves
A continuing unfulfilled search for true love.
These tales are of a person she does not like to know;
    disturbing – especially the search for true love unfulfilled .

I tell her not to worry.
These are just life’s observations.
“Just Poetic License”, I explain.
“When Manilow sings ‘Trying to Find the Feelings Again’
His wife does not sit home crying I am sure.” 

“Listen Buster Brown” 

(An endearing reference I assume,
to the shoes of our youth) 

“Listen Buster Brown… 

“You have driver’s license, don’t you?
And I know you still speed”

Ray Brown

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