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You Don’t Argue with a Poem

April 14, 2011

Your Don’t Argue with a Poem

His sister read some of his poetry
and wanted to argue him out of it.
It wasn’t that it didn’t sound right –
it just didn’t sound right. 

The philosophy didn’t make sense
and it wasn’t real world–
it wasn’t in accordance with the values
by which he had been raised.
It wasn’t,
and it wasn’t,
and it wasn’t! 

and very little about
what it was. 

Arguing with a poem is like arguing with a symphony
you either like it, or you don’t.
It doesn’t need to make a point
it moves you, or it doesn’t
works for you, or not. 

Arguing doesn’t change anything
it’s just arguing.
Beside if you argue too much with a poet
he may write a poem about you arguing
and then you will really have something
to argue about. 

So leave the poor brother poet alone. 

You are not supposed to argue with a poem.

Ray Brown

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4 Comments leave one →
  1. Edie Angelo permalink
    August 15, 2009 3:37 pm

    Love it….I think my work is clear as a bell and more than one relative has said it is ‘obscure’ so funny!

    • Ray Brown permalink*
      August 15, 2009 4:02 pm

      Good morning Edie. Thanks again for reading — I enjoyed your comment.

  2. June 21, 2010 12:30 am

    Like this!!! So true…must of mine are feelings …How do you argue with feelings…
    they are not facts..they just are.
    Thanks for sharing

    • Ray Brown permalink*
      July 10, 2010 10:42 am

      Thank you for reading and your comment. I am sorry I did not acknowledge your post earlier.

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