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Take 2 Poems and call me in the morning

April 26, 2011

Take 2 Poems and call me in the morning


My girlfriend spent the afternoon on Facebook
relating her problems to the world, and me.
Her boss (as if he doesn’t read Facebook) –
Her girlfriend in the cubicle next to her –
Her hairstylist who did not do her do – correctly
– a few streaks out of place.

I read about them over again,
retweeted later that afternoon on Twitter
in a late edition
with some new information about me
(as if I don’t read Tweet).

That night, the snow storm kept me captive.
By text message I received the Warner Wolfe highlight film.
She – headed for a migraine.

I telephoned her,
(an ancient application on my IPhone)
She answered, she was busy,
why was I calling, an emergency?
Just wanted to talk….
You could have just texted me –
stressed out,
I don’t have time.

She needed to chill.

I checked
to see if music could produce some soothing release—
She though,
well beyond the boundary that music could aleve.

I could only lament:
“take two poems and call me in the morning.”

Ray Brown

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